Lisa Fanning, LMT




Here's what others have shared:

"My partner and I have been in the Edmonds area now for 32 years with our physical therapy private practice.  When we moved into our current location, we were introduced to Lisa Fanning, LMP.  Over the last 15 years, we have sent our patients to Lisa for a variety of conditions including myofascial and deep tissue release, and have had many good comments on her professionalism and knowledge of massage therapy.  Her eagerness to learn new techniques and willingness to communicate with us and to set up the best treatment plan for our patients has always been one of her priorities.  Over the years, I have found that she is dependable, professional and helpful for all of the patients that we have referred to her.  From my experience, she is the only massage therapist in the Edmonds/Lynnwood area I would send my patients to."  Michael J. Chamberlin, PT; co-owner Edmonds Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation

"I've had lymphedema for years after a mastectomy with partial lymph node removal.  Lisa's work drained the swelling in my arm and hand; I felt better after the first session. I don't have swelling and am pain free now."   Ellen B., realtor, Everett

"If you want an honest, reliable and knowledgeable massage therapist, go to Lisa Fanning at Therapeutica Massage. I was referred to her by my physical therapist after a car accident for deep tissue massage treatments for my upper and lower back injuries. I came to her with so much back pain and she was able to work on my back muscles to relieve the pain. Lisa was able to explain to me clearly what muscles she was working on and what she was doing. I am a happy patient and would recommend her to anyone who wants an excellent massage service".   Arlene D., Shoreline, accountant

"I was having lots of pain and swelling for months after knee surgery.  Since I'm on my feet 8-10 hours a day, I didn't have much hope.  After 3 sessions with Lisa, the pain was gone and the swelling greatly reduced.  I am back to standing for 8-10 hours daily again." Doug A., retired police officer


I am finally getting relief from my TMJ which I have had for at least 15 years!  I really appreciate Lisa's skill as a TMJ therapeutic masseuse!  So grateful, Diana M., optometrist


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