First Visit

New patients should arrive 10 minutes before their appointment to fill out paperwork (if you haven't already downloaded and filled out the forms on this site).  Please bring your insurance card, too.

I will ask about your condition, check structural levels and may do range of motion testing to further evaluate your limitations.  When ready for the massage, you may undress to your level of comfort--you are always draped with sheets.  I only roll the sheet back on areas that I'm currently addressing, so you are never fully exposed.

Please plan on 1 hour for each session--50 minutes of massage, 5 minutes to talk about your experience and book your next appointment and 5 minutes so I may medically chart your session precisely.

Drink plenty of water after your session to help flush out toxins that were trapped in tight/sore areas that were massaged.  Depending on the type of work received, I may recommend that you ice down for 10-15 minutes after your session.